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Rather you have your plans and permits ready for the construction to start or in need for the full package of design, drawings, submitting and working with the city from start to finish we are here to make it all happen. 

​We are proud to present to you Our Exclusive packages and offers for you to choose from 
I. "Stylit Do It All, Pay For Less"

we offer an exclusive service which includes design, architectural drawings and structural engineering plans for the common market fee and if you decide to move forward with us as builders, we will deduct the FULL amount from the construction price.

This package applies to any type of remodel, renovation, additions, conversions and new construction that requires plans submittal.

II. "Stylit Make Money For Free"

this is our most desirable unique and exclusive package among home sellers.

when you decide to sell your home, we come in, renovate and upgrade the property on our expense and our expense only!! we know how to increase your property value like no other and all we want in return is a share of the increased portion of the value.

for example:

Your home is appraised for 1.2 million dollars at the time you decide to sell.

we come in and upgrade the property value to 1.9 million or more.

when the house is being sold we want only 50% of the INCREASED value and the cost only (no markups) of the renovation (increased value in that case is 700k dollars).

you make more than you intended to, you have no risk and 0 expense.

we will do everything in our power to get the house sold for as much as possible since we have the same interest and intentions.

III. "Stylit 2022/2023 promotions"

we build individual promotions at your house when we come to give you a FREE estimate.

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